Hood River Wedding Vendors

Here's a list of favorite Columbia Gorge Vendors:

We have compiled a list of our preferred vendors to help you plan your wedding or event in Hood River.  This list is comprised of vendors who we personally know and trust to make your event memorable!


Celilo Restaurant & Bar

Phone 503.781.3749 | Email catering@celilorestaurant.com | Web www.celilorestaurant.com

White Buffalo

Phone 541.386.5534 | Email sara@wbwine.com | Web www.whitebuffalowines.com

Hair & Make-Up Artists

Gorge Brides

Phone 541.399.2542 | Email gorgebrides@aol.com | Web www.gorgweddinghair.blogspot.com

Subhadra Katz

Phone 541-490-3380 | Email subhadrakatz@gmail.com | Web www.subhadrakatz.com


Lucy's Informal Flowers

Phone 541.386.3666 | Email lucy@informalflowers.com | Web www.informalflowers.com

Tammy's Floral

Phone 541.386.3393 | Email tammy@tammysfloral.com | Web www.tammysfloral.com


Paul Blackburn

Phone 541.387.4011 | Email paul@speedfish.com

Pastor Carroll Myers

Phone 360.607.8908 | Email carroll77@aol.com


Blaine & Bethany Photography

Phone 541.716.6008 | Email bb@blaineandbethany.com | Web www.blaineandbethany.com

Gorge-Us Photography

Phone 541.619.4123 | Email jen@gorge-usphoto.com | Web www.gorge-usphoto.com

Michael Peterson Photography

Phone 541.399.2259 | Email info@michaelpetersonphotography.com | Web www.michaelpetersonphotography.com

Wedding Planners

Gorge Events

Phone 541.490.4606 | Email info@columbiagorgeevents.com | Web www.gorgeweddingplanner.com

Wedding Love Notes

Phone 503.781.3749 | Email sugarplumhr@gmail.com

Columbia Gorge Weddings

Phone 541.806.3325 | Email teresa@columbiagorgeweddings.com

Wedding Venues

For a complete list of Gorge venues, click here