Ownership at Columbia Cliff Villas entitles you to a complimentary President’s Club membership (a $3000 value) in 3RD HOME, the world’s premier reciprocal travel club for luxury second home owners.

The 3RD HOME portfolio is comprised of over 2800 luxury residences with an average value of $2.4 Million. 3RD HOME is unlike any other exchange club. In addition to offering many of the world’s most magnificent private vacation homes, 3RD HOME is affiliated with top branded residence clubs and developments, allowing you to exchange to other great destinations with the exemplary full service and luxury you have come to expect.

Once you have become and owner at Columbia Cliff Villas, you can exchange weeks to earn 3RD HOME Keys. These Keys serve as your currency in the 3RD HOME system to reserve any other available home or condo through Columbia Cliff Villas coordinator. Then all you need to do is pack your bags. It’s that easy.

With the addition of a 3RD HOME membership, you can literally have the best of both worlds: enjoy your residence at Columbia Cliff Villas while knowing that you can travel the world and stay at other exceptional properties whenever you wish.

To learn more, contact 3RD HOME at www.3rdhome.com or call 855-693-7346.

Click below to download the Columbia Cliff Villas 3RD Home E-Brochure