Pet Policy

It is our objective to ensure that all of our guests enjoy their stay at Columbia Cliff Villas condominiums in Hood River. It is because of this concern and the potential for costly damage that we place controls and limitations on pets in our pet-friendly rooms.

  • All pets must be registered at check in and pet owner must sign this Pet Responsibility Agreements.
  • A valid credit card must be presented at check in. Pet owner herby authorizes the unlimited use of this credit card to repair damages or injuries caused by pet.
  • Columbia Cliff Villas has a limited number of pet-friendly rooms and suites; Pets are only allowed in accommodations designated as such.
  • Pet Owners agree to keep their animals under control at all time and accept responsibility for any and all injury or damage caused by pet. This includes barking that may disturb other guests, resulting in refunds or discounts.
  • Pets are not allowed on furniture or beds.
  • Unless the pet owner is present, pets may not be left in the room or on the premises.
  • Owners agree to clean up after pets immediately and dispose of excrement in the blue dumpster behind fence located on the east end of the Carriage House building.
  • Columbia Cliff Villas is authorized to charge a $25 per day deep-cleaning fee for each room or suite occupied by pet, with a 50-pound maximum combined pet weight.

When deemed necessary by Management, in order to protect our property and assure that other guests and owners are not disturbed, the following articles are herby agreed to:

  • I will forfeit my room charge if I am asked to leave because of (A) Damage or nuisance caused by our party, guests or pet or (B) Excessive noise complaints from other owners or guests.
  • I will immediately leave the property, if asked to do so by Management, due to unacceptable behavior by either myself or my guests or my pet.
  • I will be charged for damage incurred to a room or public areas caused my party, my pet or myself. I understand that I have authorized the use of my credit card to cover any and all damage caused by anyone in my part or my pet to the public areas of the Hotel or Condominium, the suite I am occupying or personal property within the unit I am renting.

Management will check suites upon check-out and will advise guest of any damage or extra charges within 24-hours of check-out. Actual charges are authorized until damage has been repaired.

Management will only give one warning to you or any other member or your party for nuisance or unacceptable behavior by your guests or pet. If noise or disruption persists, you will be escorted from our property immediately.