COVID-19 Updates

The safety and security of our guests and staff are our highest priority. Check back for our latest updates and policies around COVID-19.

Health & Safety Policies

• We are sanitizing guest rooms after full cleaning, paying close attention to high touchpoints like light switches and door handles. Our staff cleans with Byotrol24, a new and innovative product that is a powerful disinfectant and cleaner.

• We offer limited contact check-in. We text all policy agreements and payment information to guests so you do not have to come into our office and lobby area.

• We greet guests outside to give you room keys and help you find your room.

• We'll text you during each day of stayover service to replenish any supplies you may need. We do not have any housekeeping service inside occupied rooms for minimal contact during your stay.

• Masks are required at all indoor public spaces.

• Regular disinfection of public touchpoints.

• Implemented staff social distancing protocols.

Amenities & Services

What’s open as of November 10, 2020

• Concierge services

• Outdoor Spaces

Cancellation Policy

We understand that plans could change at the last minute during this time of uncertainty. If cancelations are made inside our 7-day policy due to updated COVID restrictions, we are waiving penalties.

Learn more about the local area's COVID-19 updates on the Oregon Health Authority website.

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